Our story

We are a team of technology enthusiasts, storytellers and extraordinary creatives. We create smart interactive systems to make attention valuable.

Our vision

Sensape is us.

Humans who love building smart machines for other humans. Machines, that serve their users and make their day.

Our products spread happiness, confidence and leave their users with nothing but a blast.

Digital communication in a physical world is what drives our success.

We enjoy the thrill of creating products that make our clients leverage their full potential at their events, fairs or stores.

From global players to the company next door, our passionate team delivers cutting edge solutions that push boundaries and never fear comparison.

Our mission

Love what you do.

Share your ideas.

Inspire your colleagues. Inspire your users. Inspire your clients.

Strive for excellence.

Iterate until you have it.

Make interaction our competitive advantage.

Make it easy for everyone involved.

Talk about your challenges and your achievements.

Believe in yourself.

Be the best. Be Sensape.

Do you want to know more?

We look forward to hearing from you