The challenge

  • Attract job-seekers' attention at HR Fairs.
  • Gain new potential applicants.
  • Vitalize ALDI's digital corporate identity.

The solution

A magic mirror with augmented reality technology, that immediately grabbed people’s attention, having them join in an interactive game, in exchange for gifts at the ALDI stand.

We developed a custom “Jump and Run” game, to spark engagement and create a positive association with ALDI.

Potential employees were matched with an avatar and could use their bodies, to navigate their way through a miniature 3D ALDI store environment, an ALDI office or an ALDI warehouse. With each game, users were able to unlock gifts, that could later be collected at the ALDI exhibition booth.

Engagement at the stand was immediately positive and joyful, further motivating potential candidates and facilitating the promotor's work.

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