The challenge

  • Attract attention in a highly competitive exhibition environment.
  • Conceptualize an interactive presentation to provide detailed information in an entertaining way.
  • Create dynamic live content that captures the vibe of the event.
  • Make the brand message memorable with a personal giveaway.

The solution

In these times of information overload, we are confronted with countless messages that have nothing to do with us. Therefore the moments in which we develop the feeling of being personally addressed, truly matter. That kind of content intrinsically attracts attention, as it builds a link between sender and receiver.

We used the Magic Mirror of our Phantastic Photobox to put the visitors of the main agricultural festival in a quiz setting, which informed and entertained them with agricultural fun facts.

In addition, carefully illustrated and animated AR worlds with talking trekkers, showering pigs and flying agricultural drones; made each photo an individual experience.

Finally, on an additional screen at the exhibition stand, the freshly-shot images were automatically integrated into an interactive presentation that skilfully combined the photos of the users with other facts about farming in Baden-Würtemberg. Thus, the provision of information became an interactive experience, to be remembered in the long term.

The Feedback

“In cooperation with Sensape, we developed an impressive interactive concept. We wanted to set ourselves up digitally and thereby make the LBV booth attractive for every target group. Both young and old had a lot of fun. The Phantastic Photobox was the highlight at our stand and has helped us to connect with our members. We are excited.”

- Ida Hartmann, Public Relations.

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