The challenge

  • Provide a flexible tool to support product launches and seasonal sales.
  • Get customers to engage with their favorite Ritter Sport flavor.
  • Grow Ritter Sport’s mass customization.
  • Extend social media reach.
  • Appeal to a young target group.

The solution

In cooperation with Ritter Sport’s Lead Agency Kolle Rebbe, we delivered a tailored concept, consisting of an uncomplicated plug’n’play solution that is: easy to use for promoters, adaptable in content, and a real highlight for people doing their grocery shopping.

With the help of the Phantastic Photobox, users could take selfies in an augmented reality world, customized to their favorite Ritter Sport flavor.

Sensape's unique recognition technology allows us to identify all existing flavors in the hand of consumers without modifying the Ritter Sport packaging. People merely need to hold up their favorite chocolate, and they will automatically be sent to a custom augemented reality world to get their share-worthy selfie.

Ritter Sport fans should also have the opportunity to share these experiences with their loved ones. Therefore, users can choose between different greeting formulas that address their receiver directly.

The result is a feel-good chain of people, sharing phantastic selfies with friends and friends-of-friends prone to spread the word of this happy shopping experience.

The Feedback

"Our Germany-wide promotion tour with the Phantastic Photobox by Sensape was a complete success. The professional advice from Sensape and our internal ideas gave rise to an interactive concept that has convinced both Ritter Sport and consumers. Now it's time for the second round, we're looking forward to it!"

- Christian Heitker, Head of Trade Marketing.

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