Intelligent Apps for phantastic moments.

Artificial Intelligence

All Phantastic Apps use machine learning algorithms to automatically detect:

  • age
  • gender
  • emotion
  • products

But privacy is important to us: We track properties, not people.

Augmented Reality

Customized Augmented Reality helps you to create immersive marketing solutions that bring your brand to life.

Transform your product into a wand. With the help of our intelligent product recognition customers can use your product to enter a new magic mirror world.


The fast and easy solution. All-Stars are apps based on well-tested concepts that guarantee an exciting way to engage with your target group.


Start a conversation and add a personal speech bubble to each viewer.

High Season

Enchant your customers with a magic mirror world, that is full of funny face elements and magical landscapes.


Challenge your target group with an interactive soccer app and celebrate the outcomes!

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Phantastic Unicorn

Explore new territories! Unicorns are custom apps that are built on demand. They ensure truly unique brand experiences.


Cookie-power brand grows revenue and creates meaningful engagement directly at its points of sale.

Phantastic Unicorn

Request your own Phantastic Unicorn and achieve outstanding results with a customized Augmented Reality application.

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