The Augmented Reality Photobox for your exhibition stand

Photobox with phantastic Extras

The Phantastic Photobox is the eye-catcher at events, generates leads and is an interactive fun machine.

The Photobox equips the viewer immediately and in real time with virtual props. The experience ranges from funny digital speech bubbles to incredible augmented reality worlds. In this way you get attention for your products or communicate topics such as digitalisation in a playful way. You can simply rent the pre-configured box from us or have your own app created.

At trade fairs and events, the Phantastic Photobox will attract more attention, leads and discussion topics.


Augmented Reality

With its huge screen, the Phantastic Photobox attracts visitors, exactly designed for the use at trade fairs and events.

The individualized Augmented Reality worlds manage to simultaneously attract attention and focus the visitors on your topics.

This provides more visitors and good points of contact for discussions.

Leads & more

Collect valuable e-mail addresses, eg. for newsletter subscriptions, hand out coupon codes on photos and evaluate your activities with our own statistics system in the German Senscloud.

Artificial Intelligence

Through artificial intelligence, the Phantastic Photobox has learned to understand her environment.

The assessment of age and gender takes place in real time and allows the system to adapt all elements to the viewer in order to provide a completely individual and extraordinary experience.

Deliver the right messages to the right target group.


The Phantastic Photobox becomes the lighthouse for your messages. Both sides of the Phantastic Photobox are can be customized with a foil and thus attract attention from afar.

All digital elements, such as the AR worlds, e-mails with photos or the microsite to share the photos on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook can be fully customized to your brand.

Phantastic Photobox in use


Like no other photobox, the Phantastic Photobox has a huge 42" screen that users can already see from a distance. The touch function triggers photos, controls games and makes other Phantastic apps easy and intuitive to use.

Seamless Experience


Plug and Play

Sensape devices are designed with a great focus on simplicity. The special flight cases help you set up the device. After that you'll just have to connect it to the electricity and off you go.



We will provide you with an experienced project manager for your project. From onboarding to planning, execution and evaluation, we are always at your disposal and have an eye on your success.



We only work with experienced logistics service providers who ensure that your equipment arrives safely and punctually.