The Screen that talks to you.

Hey good lookin'

The Phantastic Screen is a sensitive machine that just knows how to speak to your target group. Use our smart recognition software to shift your message into a personal conversation.

Time to play

Our integrated Artificial Intelligence detects age, gender and emotional responses. Based on that you can create personalized content, that easily connects with viewers.

Turning heads is my passion

Humans aspire to be recognized. Speaking to this need is an outstanding method of arousing attention. Target every person with a unique message and make them feel heard.

You like my style?

Many users take selfies of their interaction to capture useful information and special moments. Utilize our photogenic Augmented Reality content to make your story stick.

Tell your friends

People like to share their story with the world. Sharable content is best achieved by designing for an audience´s audience. Let your target group be the hero of your story and reach their friends too.

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