Imagine Try-On

Imagine Try-On is a virtual try-on solution for jewelry and shoe wares, that revolutionizes retail stores across the globe.

Our approach is the missing link to unite your physical stores with your digital catalog.  By implementing Virtual Try-On solutions we bring the online world right into the hands of your customers. Giving them the live experience they expect, together with the vast selection your online inventory offers. This creates an exceptional customer experience and provides you with deeper customer insights.


Virtual try on

Redefine your customer experience by adding a digital Try-On to your physical store. Shoes and jewelry accessories can be switched at lightning speed, in all colors and sizes. It's like magic, except that it's not.


Increase sales and shopping convenience. Tailor a products size, color and shape to specific user personas. Our smart recognition software helps you to micro-target your customers for optimal conversion rates.

Social sharing

Boost your social media presence and gain new customers. With the integrated social sharing mechanism, users can debate their new looks with friends and easily multiply your brand recognition along the way.

Customer insights

Learn all about your customer's desires. Each interaction with our system can be tracked. Combine it with the Sensape age, gender and emotion recognition software and gather valuable knowledge about your customers.

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You want to showcase more products? Shelf enables your customers to virtually try-on an infinite variety of looks. And it updates your inventory within seconds.



Looking for a new way to sell? Imagine checkout is a fast and easy digital sales tool, that closes the value chain between magnificent try-on experiences and rewarding product purchases.

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Use Cases

  • Store Digitalization
  • Pop-up Events
  • Retail Innovation
  • Omnichannel Marketing
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    Discover the extraordinary AI capabilities of our smart recognition software & hardware.



    Senscloud is a cloud based data management system. It helps you to track your campaign performance and collect customer insights.

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