Bike Store Bonnet improves service and reduces waiting times in retail
by using a virtual queue including an appointment service.
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Improve customer service without extra staff
Radwelt Bonnet is a specialist bike shop in Hesse. To avoid queues in the store and to make resources such as specialists transparent for customers, Sensape Q, the virtual queue, is in use since February 2021.

Improve customer service

In the best case scenario, customers at Radwelt Bonnet shouldn't have to wait to be served or advised because the professionals are busy at the moment. Bonnet wanted to bring customers directly to the right specialist staff and improve waiting times.

Make resources transparent

Customers should also be able to see how tight or open the capacities are in the store. Whether consulting, collection or workshop, the resources should be as transparent as possible.

Appointment service

In addition, customer appointments should be able to be managed clearly and booked by the customers themselves without the need for extra staff. The service is to be offered at the entrance to the store.

Avoid queues

To prevent annoyed customers and infections during the pandemic, queues in the store are to be avoided. Customers should be able to spend their waiting time in the place of their choice, for example in their car.

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Virtual queue with in-store appointment service
Tablet showing virtual queue appointment booking for a bike store

Registration at the entrance

With the help of the integrated appointment service, customers can conveniently secure a place in the queue at the entrance and organize the time until their appointment according to their own wishes.

Bell Glocke

Notification via pager

Pagers give customers real-time updates on their status and when it's their turn.


Avoid infections

The virtual queue avoids unnecessary contact between customers as well as staff and reduces the risk of infection in the pandemic.


Directly to the right specialist

By preselecting at the entrance, customers are directly assigned to the right contact person for their request. No more unnecessary waiting times!

via pager

Hand holds a Pager for a virtual queue.

Stay safe despite the pandemic with Sensape Q


+ Virtual queue including waiting time
+ Customer and administration interface
+ Sending SMS notifications via your phone
+ Browser-based, no app necessary


+ All starter functions
+ Whitelabel user interface
+ Automatic push notification
+ Extensive admin interface
+ Open, pause and close the queue
+ Booking of periods or dates