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Personal product recommendation without personal consultation
To provide the perfect advice on water heaters to its customers, Rheem has adopted a new sales consulting service supported by an interactive device at the POS. The AR mirror effect catches attention and makes the process interactive while an intelligent questionnaire predicts the suggestion of the best product for each client, making the process of buying easier for the customer.
Rheem Digital Sales Assistant POS

Efficient sales process

Normally, a lot of sales staff is needed at the POS. Rheem wanted to create a solution that works without any staff in the first place and complements the sales process in the store.

Interactive approach

Usually, face to face interaction will depend solely on the ability of the sales person to engage the client. This time Rheem wanted to make use of interactive tools so the process can become a fun and unique experience for the client.

Digitizing the sales process

Rheem had the intention to create a dynamic device to create a multi-dimensional sales process that also complies with the sanitary restrictions in each sales consultation.

Technology hand in hand with human interaction

Despite a digital solution, the process shouldn’t lose human interaction. The solution should go hand in hand with a following personal consultation.
the solution
Digital sales assistant recommending the best product

Interactive digital solution

The solution provides an AR Mirror effect and bubbles to catch the attention of the clients and make the sales process more interactive.

Intelligent questionnaire

By asking intelligent yes/no questions the solution provides an adequate product that will fit the client’s needs.

Touchless gesture control

By a fully touchless experience controlled by gesture, the solution is complying with the hygiene regulations during the sales process.

Personalized recommendation

To complete the purchase, customers are connected to a real salesperson via video call to clarify questions and place the order.

Attention by mirror effect

Rheem digital sales assistant AR AI touchless

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Rheem Sales Assistant based in AI and AR

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Remote sales person per video call

Rheem Digital Sales Assistant
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