Royal promotion for the new season

by using interactive augmented reality and making fans part of the series meeting the stars.
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Turning visitors into viewers

With the second season of Sisi on RTL+, the channel wanted to create more reach and attention for the show. Therefore, they started a campaign both at the premiere in Vienna and in a shopping center in Cologne. The immersive solution by Sensape lets visitors be part of key scenes of the series and pose with Sisi and Franz. This way, people could really feel like they were part of the show. All in all, it was a great way to get people more interested in the series.

Creating attention to the new season

RTL wanted to spread the word of the new season of the well known series and start an interactive and unforgettable promotion campaign to raise awareness.

Increase viewer numbers

The aim of the campaign was to increase the number of people who register for a RTL+ account to watch even more amazing RTL content.

Interactive and innovative experience

RTL wanted to amaze visitors with a campaign that would make them dive into the world of Sisi. The campaign should have a special extra to it that most people haven't seen yet.

Empower User-Generated content

RTL wanted to increase user generated content around the series. By sharing a photo on social media, people can win a voucher for RTL+. This will help the brand to be visible through authentic social media content.
The solution

Making users a part of the scenes

Bringing Sisi and Franz to the mall virtually

The Sensape Allstars solution brings Sisi and Franz to the mall visitors virtually, enabling a personalized and fun interactive experience.

Intelligent background extraction

Immerse yourself in the key scenes of Sisi and Franz: Our artificial intelligence swaps the background of the camera image at a speed of 20 fps. For a breathtakingly realistic experience.

Diving into key scenes of the series

The interactive menu allows users to choose between their favorite key scenes. Throwing a kiss with Sisi or bowing to Franz. A guarantee of fun and a long interaction time.

Printed memory

For an experience that will be remembered: Visitors could take their encounter with the imperial couple directly home as a print.

Multiple sceneries


to choose from

Even faster


background extraction




Interactive microsite with lotterie and NFT


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