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In order to make unique fan moments possible at any time, FC Bayern Munich relies on a virtual interaction between fans and stars. Artificial intelligence creates a realistic-looking souvenir photo with the FCB stars, which is sent directly to their own smartphones and can be shared with friends.


Normally, players are only seen at events. But for the club, loyal fans should always have the opportunity to take a souvenir photo.

Personal fan experience

Instead of an autograph card, fans should receive a unique and personal photo with their idols and the visit to the fan store should become something special. 

Increasing reach

FC Bayern Munich also wants to increase the reach in social networks via fan-generated content using a sharing function. 

Autonomous functionality

The solution should work completely autonomously and require no additional personnel. The solution should also work contactlessly for fans.
AR-fan photo
in the new fanstore

Photos anytime

Thanks to our solution in the new fan store, fan photos are no longer tied to specific dates on which the stars are present. Only to opening hours. This allows everyone to take a photo with the FCB stars.

Signed souvenir picture

Great fans deserve more than an autograph card. An own photo makes the memory special and above all unique. With the signed photo, fans take home a very personal souvenir. 


Augmented reality brings fans and stars together. A rendering supported by artificial intelligence recognizes people in front of the camera and combines their image with the player's video for a unique photo.

Social sharing function

The generated photo can be accessed directly via a QR code and viewed on a microsite or shared directly with friends and on social media. This creates extra reach by fan-generated content.

Anonymity for third parties

Einwilligung nach DSGVO
durch Stehenbleiben

recognition of people and gesture control

Foto Mechanismus

Photo is taken automatically

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