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Press release
July 20, 2022
Rivella launches AI and AR-powered sampling campaign again
For the third time, Rivella is using augmented reality in Swiss train stations, beverage cash-and-carry markets and shopping centers to distribute product samples interactively and automatically in a marketing campaign to provide information about Rivella Refresh.
Blog article
June 29, 2022
The unique eye-catcher at your booth
How augmented reality creates the perfect eye-catcher at trade show booths.
Blog article
June 28, 2022
How Rivella distributed more than 1 million product samples with AR
Augmented reality and Rivella? They simply belong together by now. This year, Rivella is already launching its third campaign with augmented reality powered by Sensape, and we provide an insight into its evolution.
Press release
June 23, 2022
Digital as a sustainable alternative at events
GREENTECH FESTIVAL uses Sensape's AR and AI solution "Smart Guiding" at trade show to guide visitors in a sustainable way.
Press release
May 20, 2022
World's first Twinner Station relies on AR and AI-based solutions from Sensape
World's first Twinner Station opens in Berlin and relies on artificial intelligence and augmented reality in its integrated showroom.
Blog Article
May 18, 2022
Sensape @ OMR Festival - Our keynote
Sensape spoke at the OMR Festival 2022 about AI and AR in marketing and talked about everyday agency life.
Press Release
May 9, 2022
SENSAPE presents new 55" 4K promoter for interactive brand experiences with AR and AI
SENSAPE presented its new 55" hardware and Smart Guiding System at the BOE connect LIVE 2022 in Dortmund.
Press Release
April 11, 2022
Interactive fan experience for user-generated content in the KTM Motohall
KTM permanently installs AI and AR-based solution from Leipzig-based agency Sensape to generate more traffic, merchandise sales and newsletter subscriptions.
Press release
April 6, 2022
Automatic AI-based keying without green screen
Sensape developed an AI-based solution for video editing enabling keying without the need for a professional camera setup and green screen.
Press Release
March 8, 2022
Sensape is a member of Swiss Marketing Network
Sensape has joined the Swiss "ESB Marketing Network" to gain new insights into the latest impulses and innovations from the sports, entertainment and marketing sectors. 
Press Release
February 23, 2022
Artificial intelligence from Leipzig all over the world
Sensape has once again signed collaborations to drive its international sales of intelligent and interactive customer engagement through AI and AR. New partnerships have now been signed in Germany, France and the Middle East.
Press Release
February 15, 2022
Centrum Galerie Dresden photo campaign with lottery on Instagram
For Valentine's Day this year, Centrum Galerie Dresden is running a photo campaign with a lottery. Under the motto "SPREAD LOVE", visitors can take a photo of themselves in front of a large flower installation. If they then share the photo with the #centrumgalerie on Instagram, they will be entered into the contest. 
Press release
February 9, 2022
Virtual consulting at the POS in Chile
Rheem, the world's largest manufacturer of water heaters, pool and air conditioning systems, is launching a pilot project in Chile with German company Sensape to digitize advice on the right water heater in retail stores. The advice is to be given without staff via an installation with a large, interactive display. 
Press Release
February 1, 2022
Guido Maria Kretschmer poses for fan selfies anytime - virtually.
For the 10th anniversary of the VOX show "Shopping Queen", the channel is launching something special together with Leipzig-based AI company Sensape. For instance, the star of the show, designer Guido Maria Kretschmer, will come directly to fans' smartphones via social media and pose for a selfie with them.
Press Release
November 29, 2021
Smart Guiding at the Future Of Festivals
Future Of Festivals: The future is sustainable & smart. Sensape is a partner of the biggest industry meeting in the festival and live sector and provided its Smart Guiding Systems.
Press Release
November 23, 2021
Sensape now represented in 13 nations
Sensape stands for interactive experiences with artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Founded in SpinLab, the startup accelerator in the old cotton mill in the German city of Leipzig, the company is now represented in a total of 13 countries.
Press Release
November 2, 2021
Augmented Reality wine tasting at home
Sensape has developed an AR-supported wine tasting for the home together with sommelier and winemaker Miguel Matthes of the company Winehead.
Press release
October 20, 2021
New AI-powered football entertainment experience in London
A new state-of-the-art interactive, tech-driven football entertainment experience that combines football skills with augmented reality opened in London in September 2021.
Press Release
October 11, 2021
Sensape wins 3rd place in the Blooloop Innovation Awards 2021
The German company Sensape has placed third in the global Innovation Award 2021 for the experience industry. Sensape won the award for its recognition software powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which enables personalised approaches to visitors of museums, theme parks or zoos based on external characteristics.
Press Release
September 30, 2021
Contactless product sampling with AR at Swiss train stations
Rivella uses an augmented reality game at train stations in Switzerland since the end of September 2021 to distribute product samples without personal contact during a marketing campaign.
Blog article
September 15, 2021
How AR can benefit retail stores
Linking brands or products with emotions is our key to success. Standing out from the mass of products at the point of sale - Augmented Reality (AR) is perfect for this!
Blog article
August 2, 2021
Target group research with artificial intelligence at the POS
How to get to know your target group better with augmented reality and artificial intelligence at the point of sale.
Press release
July 15, 2021
Winery Clüsserath-Weiler uses Ordering System to improve service.
At the Clüsserath-Weiler winery in the German Mosel region, guests will be able to order wine and culinary specialities via smartphone and yet without an app from mid-July 2021.
Press release
July 13, 2021
Sensape GmbH partners with Swiss marketing agency USP Partner AG
Sensape has formed a partnership with one of the leading full-service marketing agencies USP Partner. USP Partner is now a consulting and sales partner for the Swiss market for the innovative Sensape hardware/software solutions with AR and AI.
Press release
July 2, 2021
Virtual stadium visit and selfies in a European Championship setting thanks to AR directly in the shopping centre
At Havelpark Dallgow, visitors can now experience the European Football Championship in an interactive AR world and take home souvenir photos.
Blog article
July 1, 2021
3 examples of how persona recognition can make your marketing campaign more successful
Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more important for marketing. If you make use of certain technologies, personalised advertising, product suggestions and suitable purchase incentives become possible.
Blog article
June 3, 2021
How a post-lockdown ordering system supports the gastronomy sector
Many gastronomy operators are currently facing some problems. Digital solutions such as ordering systems can take a lot of the pressure off and make operations run more smoothly. 
Press release
June 1, 2021
No more queuing at the gate
Passengers often face long queues at the gate when boarding for their flight begins. The Leipzig-based company Sensape has now developed a solution to this problem. Via smartphone, passengers can secure a place in a virtual queue and remain comfortably seated until it is their turn to board.
Press release
April 28, 2021
Automatic advertising impact research with augmented reality at the POS
Intelligent recognition software makes automatic campaign effectiveness research possible without additional personnel. Pre-campaign measurement often means a lot of effort and extra manpower. Artificial intelligence can now take over this task.
Press release
April 27, 2021
Contactless ordering in gastronomy in Leipzig and Dresden
First restaurants launch pilot projects with a digital ordering system. Using your own smartphone to place your order directly at the table, get recommendations and quickly reorder. This is what guests at some restaurants in Leipzig and Dresden can look forward to.
Blog article
April 9, 2021
4 ways augmented reality can attract attention and even protect against Covid-19
Addressing target groups intelligently? Augmented reality lifts viewers to a new level of reality and lets us present information as immersively as we know it from movies. But how does the technology work and in which areas can it be used?
Press Release
March 24, 2021
The restaurant visit of the future? Go out to eat safely and order via QR code
Reserving tables, ordering, and monitoring waiting times in real-time - restaurant visitors will be able to do all this on their own smartphones. Sensape has developed a digital tool that aims to optimize the ordering process in the gastronomy sector.
Press Release
March 5, 2021
Rivella digitizes traditional sampling with augmented reality (AR) solution.
Rivella uses an augmented reality game at valley stations in Swiss ski resorts since the end of February to distribute product samples without personal contact during a marketing campaign.
Press Release
February 23, 2021
German AR company Sensape becomes a member of the Chilean Chamber of Foreign Trade.
Sensape becomes a member of the Chamber of Foreign Trade Chile and enters the Chilean market with Augmented Reality (AR) technologies.
Press Release
February 16, 2021
Virtual queue for bike shop customers
To improve customer service, the German retailer for bicycles "Bonnet" relies on a virtual registration with an integrated queue, which automatically reserves a period of time with the right salesperson. Provided by German-based Sensape, the technology works without an app via pagers assigned by the store and informs customers when it's their turn. 
Press Release
January 15, 2021
Virtual queue at vaccination centers aims to ease appointment scheduling and waiting time
To support vaccination centers, a Leipzig-based startup has developed a virtual queue with integrated appointment scheduling. Corona vaccination centers' global launch brings complications and chaos due to time-consuming appointment coordination and expiring vaccine doses due to unattended appointments.
Press Release
January 11, 2021
Personalized advertising in the futuristic city center in Ecuador
How digitization can improve a pedestrian zone is being tested in Guayaquil City in Ecuador. For a so-called Smart Totem to provide urban zones such as parks, event locations, and any place with a high volume of visitors with intelligent connection points with interactive entertainment and advertisement, the firm Konectado worked together with Sensape.
Press Release
December 10, 2020
The stars of FC Bayern Munich are working overtime in the new fan store thanks to augmented reality.
Photos with the FC Bayern Munich stars, anytime. Together with the company SENSAPE GmbH, the club FC Bayern Munich is expanding its Augmented Reality (AR) activities and giving store visitors the opportunity to take photos with their players.
Press Release
August 1, 2020
Shopping of the future: Artificial intelligence determines "your favorite drink" 
SENSAPE has developed the "Phantastic Promoter" to support the shopping experience in retail stores. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it recognizes the gender, age, and emotions of a person. Thus, it can recommend drinks based on visible characteristics.
Press release
May 20, 2020
Digital customer access supports retail and public institutions on the way to normality
City library in Leipzig tests digital visitor access management system with mask recognition. It creates attention to the hygiene measures and counts visitors automatically.