Generating merchandise sales and newsletter subscriptions

by creating a customer magnet with a virtual selfie at the KTM motohall museum.
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Increasing store traffic by a customer magnet

KTM racing wanted to create an extraordinary encounter with their star drivers to pull more fans to the KTM motohall museum in Austria. Because drivers are normally not easy to meet, fans should meet them virtually for a photo thanks to AR and AI. In the process, KTM aims to win visitors as subscribers to their newsletter.

Generating traffic to the KTM motohall museum

KTM wanted to create a unique experience to drive more people to the KTM motohall museum in Austria.

Increase newsletter subscriptions

The customer magnet should also generate newsletter subscriptions without being annoying, so KTM could stay in touch with the fans.

Create an immersive and realistic experience

The solution should create a great immersion and merge real and virtual world. The result should be realistic.

Include all fans

To be as inclusive as possible, KTM wanted the navigation to be multilingual and also be adjustable in height, so everyone could use it without problems.
The solution

Exclusive & realistic fan photo with integrated newsletter subscription

Bringing the stars to the museum virtually

Our Allstars solution brings the KTM star drivers and their motorcycles to the museum virtually so visitors can easily take photos with them which normally is not possible under normal circumstances.

Integrating subscription in the process

To increase subscriptions to the newsletter, we integrated the subscription process right in the photo process. When downloading the photo, users can subscribe via our microsite. Like this, KTM can continue the customer journey easily.

Merging virtuality and reality perfectly

Visitors can choose up to three drivers with their machines to pose with and while choosing see a live preview of what the photo will look like. By merging reality with the virtual drivers, we create a realistically looking photo.

Flexible , multilingual menu and player position

The menu of choosing the players for the photo can be moved down for persons in a wheelchair, kids or people of a smaller height. Also the menu language can be selected for a smoother international experience.



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Timo Bischof, Head of Exhibition
"The cooperation with Sensape was fantastic. From the first communication to the implementation, everything fit. We are extremely satisfied with the final product, which is an absolute highlight for the exhibition in the KTM Motohall. At our new photo station, every visitor can take their own personal photo with their KTM hero, such as Miguel Oliveira or Brad Binder. We are already looking forward to seeing the first photos on social media."
Timo Bischof, Head of Exhibition

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