Connecting reality and virtual world in training by AR and AI

via creating personal avatars and player cards.
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Connecting sports with eSports via AI and AR

METRIX, a brand of digital signage company Walljam, designed a training centre which for the first time combines physical sports and eSports by using AR and AI. To make the user journey more personal, each visitor can create an individual training profile where all the scores are saved as well as a 3D avatar created by detection of the players appearance.

Connect virtual and physical sports

METRIX wanted to create an innnovative solution to give visitors an immersive sports experience with both virtual and physical parts.

Creating an interactive gamifictation solution

The solution should be interactive and playful. By the gamification, users should immerse themselves in the METRIX world.

Creating a personal memory for visitors

The solution should include something personalized the players can take home, like a personal player card.

Creating loyalty

Visitors should love being at the centre, playing games and testing their skills. The immersion should make them interact with the solution as long as possible.
The solution

Avatar creation by phenotype recognition and a personal ID

Individual player card

Users can take a picture for a personal player card called “METRIX-ID” where users can save their personal skill development.

Background extraction

For further use of the players photo, the solution comes with our self-developed background extraction.

Personal avatar creation

Visitors can easily create their own avatar based on their own looks by smart persona recognition with the built-in camera. Players can still edit their avatar how they like it in a diverse creator environment developed by us.

Complete integration

The solution is fully integrated in the METRIX interior and connected to the environment to enable personal QR codes being valid everywhere in the centre.



of gender, age, skin and hair style

Account setup via


QR scan



avatar editor


Turn every player into a fan

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