Amazing people for the movies

by letting visitors dive in to the worlds of Strange worlds by AR and AI.
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Amazing people for the movies

How can we amaze people for the movies and give them a unique experience with the movie characters? Disney used our AR and AI technology to beam cinema visitors into the adventurous worlds of Strange World. Within the interactive application, users can dive into the worlds meeting the fantastic creatures as well as the explorers for a memorable photo in Nuremberg, Leonberg, and Munich. Up to 1200 pictures per day were taken home so far! But see yourself!

Creating an interaction with the heroes

Promoting their new movie Strange World, Disney wanted to give cinema visitors an interactive experience with he heroes of the movie.

Deep dive into Strange World

Users should be able to be surrounded by the amazing and adventurous world of Strange world and become part of it.

Giving visitors a memory

What makes an experience even more emotional? Exactly, by creating a memory.

Creating User-generated content

The created memory should be easily shareable on social media creating more and authentic reach.
The solution

Immersive AR experience meeting the heroes

Interactive fan experience

What yould you do if a movie character suddenly stands next to you and waves? With Sensape Allstars, cinema visitors could meet the heroes and creatures of Strange world virtually.

Complete immersion via AI background segmentation

By exchanging the background on screen in real-time, actually in 20 fps, visitors experience complete immersion into the world of Strange World. Suddenly, they’re a part of the team!

Free Strange World printed photo

As soon as fans decided for a photo, the Sensape device prints it right out to take home. From the cinema straight to the fridge, kept in memory!

Easily shareable content via microsite

It is also possible to get the photo right to the smartphone by choice. Users just need to scan the QR code provided and receive the memory on an interactive microsite in their browser.

Even faster


background extraction

Pose with your


personal hero







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