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The mirror effect draws the attention of visitors even at well visited events.

A woman stands in front of a big mobile promoter display. On the display you see her reflection smiling with a fun speech bubble above her head. Also there is a floorplan and a timetable that is shown in real-time.

Design 3D elements that appear next to the face of your visitors.

Smart guiding BOE AR and AI

The interactive floor plan and the dynamic agenda provide your visitors with all the information they need.

The agenda is always up to date and lets your visitors explore the program based on the stages.

The exhibitor search enables users to find and locate certain exhibitors.

Targeted ads in form of a pop up or full screen placement provide refinancing options for you and extra placement for your exhibitors.

AR- and AI-driven solutions:

All are based on our 42” HD Ready2Go System. Place it, switch it on, and enjoy. So Easy!

What our clients say about us:

"The GREENTECH FESTIVAL is dedicated to future-oriented, technological solutions around climate protection and sustainable development and offers a platform to all those who want to exchange and network about it. In order to make on-site wayfinding as climate-friendly as possible and in line with the zero-waste idea, we as a festival are supported by innovative solutions such as those from Sensape. Sensape's digital modules manage to communicate interactively with the users and enable an immediate and low-threshold integration into the festival."
- Thimo Schwenzfeier, Head of Marketing & PR at GREENTECH FESTIVAL.

These events improved their visitor experience with us:

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