Interactive Promotion

with artificial intelligence and augmented reality.
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Let your customers experience your brand immersively with a unique AR world.

Personalized face elements, animations and branded AR worlds in 3D design generate fun and encourage user-generated content in social media, which additionally increases the reach of your campaign. Intelligent persona recognition and the related individual and playful communication of information emotionalize your brand in a special way and are suitable for cross-media lead generation.

Conversation opener

Personal and interactive address creates a perfect conversation opener with the promotion team.


AR worlds, face elements, a photo function and fun gamification generate a special experience with the brand.

Lead generator

Whether directly via the screen or via the smartphone microsite - cross-media leads are generated.

Flexible hardware and software solutions for your promotion.


Celebrate your customers with the intelligent photobox.

Phantastic photobox for a branded selfie in an interactive AR world for a unique brand experience.


Discover the extraordinary AI capabilities of our smart recognition software & hardware.


Present information in an entertaining way to stand out of the crowd.

Big screen with interactive speech bubbles as augmented reality elements.


Promote your new product or service and offer a printed discount.

Increase sales by intelligent couponing, Immersive 3D AR worlds & games for personalized communication of information/products/services, Persona specific product recommendations, Interactive control via touch screen or gesture control

Digital sampler

Innovative and automated product sampling for promotion without staff deployment!

Digital Sampler - virtual promoter and vending machine combined.

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Interactive Fan Engagement

FC Bayern München

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Pernod Ricard

Approach your customers with an interactive and intelligent promotion solution!
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