Pernod Ricard increases sales at the point of sale
by using augmented reality and smart product recommendations.
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Increasing sales
and brand identity
Pernod Ricard is one of the world's largest distributors of alcoholic beverages, wines, and champagnes. With a persona-specific multi-brand world, customers encounter the brand in a new way at the point of sale.

Increase sales

After years of experience with different promotion formats, Pernod Ricard wanted to break new ground. The aim was to increase sales of selected products with an AR campaign.

Build brand awareness

Lillet on a mild summer evening or whiskey after a hard day - Since Pernod Ricard identifies itself primarily through enjoyment in certain moments, this should be transferred to the AR worlds. 

Check buying behaviour

A gourmet brand also includes happy customers. Pernod Ricard wanted to check whether the persona's buying behavior matched that of the actual customer group. 

Social sharing

In addition to sales, Pernod Ricard also wanted to increase its social media reach through user-generated content via sharing by digitizing its point-of-sale promotion. 
Lillet AR Promotion by Sensape  at the POS
Havanna Club 
AR Promotion by Sensape  at the POS
Absolut Vodka AR Promotion by Sensape at the POS
the solution
Five unique AR worlds in one system

Intelligent persona recognition

Our intelligent solution recognizes a person's age, gender, and emotions in real-time, making it possible to show each customer a personalized AR world. In this way, a product recommendation can be made that suits the person directly.

Five brands. Five worlds.

In order to present each of the Pernod Ricard brands according to the feeling of delight, a total of five AR worlds were designed to immerse the customers in the brand world and let them experience the feeling of the brand. Fade-in face elements deepen the experience.

Printed purchase incentives

To complete the shopping experience, recipe suggestions with the corresponding beverages can be displayed and printed out. With the recipe also comes a purchase incentive in the form of a discount that can be redeemed directly at the checkout.

Social sharing function

To capture the digital brand experience in the long term, the worlds offer the option of taking a photo and then sending it to friends or sharing it on social media. In this way, the brand message is spread further through user-generated content. 

Social media sharing for more reach

Smarthone shows a chat where user generated content is shared.

15 recipes and purchase incentive on coupon

Recipe for Cosmow mule with the drink and a coupon next to it.

Target group analysis based on gender, age and emotions

Easy analysis of user data via artificial intelligence and recognition software.
Measurable results
Increase sales at the POS now via targeted product recommendation!
Bridge the gap between the digital and physical world.
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