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Techies, creatives and visionaries form a unique team at Sensape.

Together, we develop interactive technologies that revolutionize modern storytelling with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

Our vision:
We develop intelligent machines that enrich everyday life.
Our products spread joy and self-confidence.
Digital communication in the physical world is our recipe for success.
We enjoy every project where we get to showcase the full potential of our partners.
Whether a global player or a small business owner, we deliver unique solutions that push the limits of what is possible.

Our core competencies:

"Stores still relied on traditional window advertising, even though there are much more effective ways to attract customers. We wanted to revolutionize that."

(Artur Lohrer, co-founder of Sensape)
This idea started Sensape's story to where we are today. As a leading provider of interactive customer communication, supported by Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. But it wasn't to stop at AI-powered storefronts, today we develop interactive screens as well as automatic mask recognition and a virtual queue in times of pandemic or AR games, virtual try-on systems, interactive customer promoters or the ultimate photo with your favorite star. No way is too far for us for a unique customer approach at the point of interest.

We think digital
and act global

Working at Sensape

Are you looking for an innovative working environment with flat hierarchies? With us you will work in an international team on projects for renowned and international customers.
Sensape is the right place for passionate experts and creative minds. Together, we are revolutionizing the possibilities of modern storytelling with our interactive technologies.

Our guiding principles:
Love what you do.
Share your ideas.
Inspire your colleagues, users and clients.
Strive for excellence.
Iterate your way to the goal.
Use interactivity as a competitive advantage.
Make your path easier for everyone involved.
Talk about challenges and successes.
Believe in yourself. Be the best. Become Sensape.
Make AR the new frontier of your customer experience
Bridge the gap between the digital and physical world of your brand.
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