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Press Release
March 24, 2021
The restaurant visit of the future? Go out to eat safely and order via QR code
Currently, many restaurant owners are waiting to reopen under restrictions. To help them comply with the requirements, Sensape has developed a digital tool that aims to optimize the ordering process in the gastronomy sector, promising not only a low risk of infection but also an increase in sales and an improvement in service. Reserving tables, ordering, and monitoring waiting times in real-time - in the future, restaurant visitors will be able to do all this on their own smartphones. And that even without an app download.
Press Release
February 23, 2021
German AR company Sensape becomes a member of the Chilean Chamber of Foreign Trade.
Sensape becomes a member of the Chamber of Foreign Trade Chile and enters the Chilean market with Augmented Reality (AR) technologies.
Press Release
August 1, 2020
Shopping of the future: Artificial intelligence determines "your favorite drink" 
SENSAPE has developed the "Phantastic Promoter" to support the shopping experience in retail stores. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it recognizes the gender, age, and emotions of a person. Thus, it can recommend drinks based on visible characteristics.
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