Rivella distributes more than 1 Mio. samples

in a guerilla campaign by augmented reality and artificial intelligence based game.
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Informing about product benefits in a fun way

Rivella is going all in on AR and already launched the third AR-based guerilla campaign with us. During the first stage, with over 1 million samples distributed in various spots. The highlight: the smartphone is used to interactively inform about the benefits of Rivella Refresh. We continued with our AR game "Bubble Catching", which playfully pushes consumers to peak performance on our Ready2Go systems. After that, of course, there's a gratis Rivella Refresh. A great example of how AR can be perfectly combined for promotion and sampling.

Fun information and interaction

Rivella wanted to bring their brand’s and product’s values to their customers in a playful, fun way.

Successful product sampling

The goal was to distribute as much product samples of Rivella Refresh as possible.

Gesture control

The campaign should be contactless again but still interactive.

Continuing the customer journey

The received bottles should contain even more content users could interact and learn more about Rivella Refresh with.
The solution

Interactive AR game and WebAR

Fun Rivella game

Bubble catching is as fun and active as Rivella Refresh itself. Potential customers are informed playfully about the products benefits by playing an interactive game evolved around the drink.

Gesture control

By moving virtual pin needles with your hand by gesture control, players have to move to catch up all the bubbles rising from a virtual Rivella Refresh bottle. But caution! Catching a sugar bubble lowers your score.

Automatic sampling

At the end of the game, the player is automatically rewarded with a free Rivella Refresh. The so called digital sampler combines vending machine with artificial intelligence and distributes product samples automatically.


Scanning the bottle label, players can take the experience home and even participate in a lottery. In a browser-based application, a virtual Rivella Refresh bottle can be placed in the surroundings and inform about the advantages of the drink again.



control and recognition

Product features as


game elements

WebAR and lottery


expand customer journey


measurable RESULTS
Measurable Results
Measureable results

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