Ritter Sport increases sales by 900%

via augmented reality at the point of sale.
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Flexible tool for Germany-wide promotion tour

Ritter Sport is a well-known chocolate brand with many different varieties. In collaboration, we developed a customized concept that enriches immersive customer experiences in different AR chocolate worlds.


To run seasonal promotions and product launches, a flexible tool should be provided that can be set up quickly anywhere.

Individualize mass communication

Ritter Sport wanted to support its traditional mass communication with individual customer approaches matching its products.

Increase social media reach

In addition, the reach at the point of sale should be increased through user-generated content on social media.

Appeal to young target group

The aim was to create a special brand experience specifically for the young target group. But it should still be adaptable for all age groups.
The solution

Interactive AR worlds with product recognition

Intelligent product recognition

With Sensape's unique recognition technology, all existing flavors can be reliably identified without changing the packaging. This turns every product into a ticket to a virtual world that enables hyper-individual branding.

Emotionalization. Attention.

Depending on their favorite chocolate, which is held up, users find themselves in a personal chocolate world. This immersion in the brand world, as well as the opportunity to record a memory with a unique selfie, generates a high level of emotionalization among users.

Tailor-made concept

Our plug-and-play solution can be set up in any location with electricity access, making it perfect for touring. It is easy to use and also customizable in terms of content to create a highlight for users of all ages.

Social Sharing

In the chocolate world, the user directly receives a selfie worth sharing. Quick, easy and uncomplicated. Users also get the chance to share the experience with their loved ones. For this purpose, users can choose between different greetings that directly address their recipient.
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