Rivella distributes more than 2000 product samples without staff in swiss ski areas

by using an interactive game with augmented reality and a linked beverage vending machine.
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Brand experience and product sampling without contact

Under the motto "At home in the snow", Rivella implemented an innovative sampling campaign including lead acquisition and user-generated content in Swiss ski resorts in spring 2021. By combining an AR game and a linked vending machine, Rivella fans, and all those who want to be, experience the brand values in a playful way and receive a Rivella lemonade without personal contact with the promotion team.

Contactless Sampling

Rivella wanted to implement a sampling campaign without a promotion team in order to reduce costs and avoid personal contact in pandemic times. Nevertheless, a brand experience with wow factor should be created.

Brand awareness

Refreshingly active since 1952! With the campaign, Rivella wanted to spread its brand message around the traditional Swiss lemonade and generate both attention and reach in Switzerland.

Gesture control

To make product sampling as contactless and also as active as possible, the solution should be intuitively controllable by gesture. Players should be able to enter the AR game directly from the slope.

Interactive brand experience

For the "At home in the snow" campaign in Swiss ski resorts, an interactive and digital brand experience was to enhance the mass communication to underline the active character of the brand.
The solution

Contactless sampling via an interactive AR game

Interactive AR-Game

Our AR game attracts attention with a mirror effect and invites to play. To win the game, players must drink a virtual Rivella faster than their teammates. Since the bottles move, skill is required! Up to five people can compete against each other.

Gesture control and recognition

The built-in artificial intelligence recognizes the size of the players and places a virtual straw at mouth level for drinking the Rivellas. The mouth can be held on the moving straw via head movement. To protect third parties and make the experience even more immersive, the background is replaced.

Product sampling

When the time is up, a photo, which is automatically triggered at the most exciting moment, is shown and a Rivella is automatically given to each player from the linked vending machine. In addition, a coupon is printed on which a QR code leads to a Rivella brand microsite.

Multifunctional microsite

On the interactive microsite, the photo can now be viewed and shared directly via social channels, increasing the reach through user-generated content. In addition, an extra Rivella can be triggered from the vending machine at the touch of a button. It is also possible to participate in competitions or register for the newsletter.

Extra sample via





background extraction





measurable RESULTS
Measurable Results
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