Oreo boosts its revenue by 1000%

Oreo boosts its revenue by 1000% by using Augmented Reality at the point of sale.
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The solution

AR brand world with recipe finder

Mirror effect

Our interactive stele with mirror effect recognizes customers as they walk by and fades in branded speech bubbles above their heads for more attention. When customers stop, the app prompts them to pick up an Oreo pack.

Product recognition and reacting

The app recognizes the Oreo pack in the customer's hand and reacts to it with the appropriate AR world. In addition, recipe suggestions are displayed, which can then be printed out together with a coupon.

Printed purchase incentives and recipes

A purchase incentive and further information on private labels and products are printed on the coupon with prescription. The interactive contact with the brand significantly increases the likelihood of purchase.

Interactive AR world

An Oreo-Wonderfilled-AR-World? In the AR world, customers see themselves with face elements and speech bubbles. Whether it's a recipe, a selfie or a coupon - they can decide for themselves what they want to do in the menu.



product recognition

Surprise effect:


live AR-experience in the Oreo-world

Printed purchase




measurable RESULTS
Measurable Results
Measureable results

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