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Engage people who can’t join physically or can’t meet their stars each game day.

Connect stars with their fans, optimize your merchandising and increase your shop and social media traffic. Create a benefit to get newsletter registrations and more information about the user.

get more traffic
into your store,
event or POS

promote events and sell tickets by emotions

place products within the user generated content with AR

use dynamic and individual merchandising 

3 of 4 users subscribe to a newsletter

boost social media awareness on Snap, Insta, TikTok

Let's connect the physical and digital world.

Create real emotions and engagement using AR and AI.

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Easy production process and endless possibilities.


flexible menu

background exchange

live preview

your corporate design

custom photo frame

user analytics

360° production

AI-based keying

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Automated AI-based keying of your stars.

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No green screen needed.

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No professional setup needed.

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Real-time background extraction

Transport users into your brand universe to create a truly immersive experience by using our intelligent background removal.

Flexible hardware solutions that adapt to your needs.

Let's bring your fan relations to the next level!
Bridge the gap between the digital and physical world.
Inspire me

Let fans become their own idols.

Avatar & player card creation

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Thanks to our recognition technology, fans can also create their own avatar or playercard to expand the experience.

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Interaktive Photobox mit Augmented reality Welt und Filtern für gebrandete Fotos.

Sensape Allstars example views.

All Stars App AR AI

Sensape Allstars example. The idle mode allows the placement of advertising, sponsors or targeted products to catch the eye.

Standard App Customization

Sensape Allstars example. Users can create their own AR world to pose in by choosing idols, background and more themselves.

Fan Engagement AR AI

Sensape Allstars example. Photo is taken automatically.

Sensape All Stars App

Sensape Allstars example. Users can send the photo to their phone and share it on social media.

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