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Creating, planning and optimizing.

Phantastic Studio is the content management system (CMS) for managing your Sensape devices. Within Studio, you can edit the content of campaigns yourself, plan campaigns and control the devices remotely. You decide on the design, the AR elements, the foiling, or how many campaigns should run and when. 

Create and manage campaigns from anywhere

Place or swap AR elements

Create different schedules with multiple campaigns

Try out different designs

Run A/B tests in a real environment

Upload your own image elements

Define your own designs for campaign, microsite or photo frame

Fast and simple.

1.  Select the app you want to use in your campaign.

2. Select the AR-Face elements you want to show on the display and define the target group for each element.

Sensape Senscloud

3. Your campaign is now ready to be planned. Define the version of your campaign to be scheduled and the time period.

4. Keep track of your campaigns in the calendar view. Add as many entries as you like!

Start creating AR campaigns more easy now!
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