Aldi Süd automatically activates leads at HR trade fair

by installing an interactive AR game directly at the trade show booth.
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Attract attention at HR trade fairs

To generate curiosity among potential applicants at recruiting fairs, Aldi Süd used an interactive AR game in which obstacles have to be overcome in the virtual Aldi store, office or warehouse. Gamification creates a perfect introduction to the conversation with the human resources team. And a memory of the encounter is guaranteed.

Increase attention

To capture the attention of prospective trainees and employees, Aldi Süd wanted to take an innovative approach.

Make recruiting cool

The company wanted to stand out among the many employers at recruiting fairs and find a unique way to target its audience.

Extend contact time

The time visitors spend at the booth was to be extended and an easier entry into the conversation was to be created.

Create a digital brand experience

The experience at the booth was to be complemented by a digital solution and characterized by a positive mood as well as being fun.
The solution

Modern recruiting with an AR game

Jump 'n' Run Fun

We developed a fun, digital game to support the recruiting presence. Controlled by gestures, game characters dodge obstacles. Small coffee cups can be used as power-ups to reach the goal faster.

Three AR brand worlds

The game includes AR worlds in the Aldi store, office or warehouse in the modernized retro style of the 80s and 90s. The player who avoids the most obstacles and gets to the destination quickly wins.

Lead generation through prizes

At the end of the game, visitors receive a coupon with a hint of the prize to be collected at the stand. An automatic lead generation and the perfect conversation starter at the booth!

Image transfer to trade fair visitors

Through gamification, the visitors' own initiative and with the souvenir, the digital solution sets the ideal basis for a positive image transfer.



by body movements



brand interaction



lead generation


measurable RESULTS
Measurable Results
Measureable results

Start converting contacts into leads with AR now!

Bridge the gap between the digital and physical world.
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