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to enhance our print christmas greeting card by WebAR.
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Making print more interactive and personal

In 2021, we wanted to send out more than just a christmas card, that finds its way right in the bin after being opened. By a special WebAR message, we wanted to make a print greeting card interactive, fun and alive.

Not another boring greeting card

Sensape is about being innovative, thinking differently, and so we wanted to create a christmas card with an extra this year.

Creating a more personal message

We wanted to immerse our customers and partners in the message and create longer interaction time with the card.

Easy accessible for everyone

The experience should work without any app download and also be multilingual for our customers and partners all over the world.

3D animation and video with little effort

We wanted our video message to be a fun animation without having to build up a whole green screen studio. Well, luckily, our AI can work with video material with any calm background!
The solution

Getting into the living room of our customers

Making print come to life

From the outside, our card looks normal but it hides a special effect. By scanning the included QR card, the christmas card comes to life with a 3D greeting message of our founders. You just need your smartphone or tablet.

Impressive visual effects without green screen

Our AI detects the background of the video and cuts it out automatically without the need of green screen. This makes the production of the 3D animation faster and easier.


We do have customers and partners spread all over the world, so we want to include everyone in the message. By detecting the browser language or providing a manual language switch, we make it easy accessible for all.

Without an app

With our WebAR, there is also no need for any download. Just scan the QR code and enjoy the experience opened in your smartphone browser.



video keying



without an app





Surprise your customers with an interactive, immersive message!

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