Sustainable Guiding at events

by the use of AI and AR at the GREENTECH FESTIVAL in Berlin.
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Replace paper and wasteful material for guidance at the event

The GREENTECH FESTIVAL is the largest sustainability festival in Europe. Among the exhibitors are agencies, companies and startups that present their innovative ideas to get a bit closer to the transformation towards sustainability again. In Berlin, the wayfinding process on site was digitized using the solution “Smart Guiding” by Sensape to reduce waste and give an extra interactive touchpoint for visitors.

Zero waste solution

The GTF wanted to step away from solutions that produce waste like paper maps. Instead they wanted to use a wasteless digital solution to lead their visitors across the agenda and festival halls.

Attention and interaction

The interactive solution is supposed to draw the visitor’s attention directly by entering or seeing the device. They should be curious about the content wanting to interact with it.

Place for advertisement

To test different solutions of refinancing and giving premium partners the possibility to display themselves, the GTF wanted to have extra space for advertisment within our solution.

Analysis of the visitor's favorites

To learn more about the user interactions and build a reference for future smart guiding uses, the GTF needed the solution to be analyzable.
The solution

AI- and AR-based smart guiding

Immersive digital solution

With a dynamic visualisation of the festival’s floor plan and agenda, our Smart Guiding solution immerses visitors. The interactive display features a clickable floor plan and dynamic agenda that they can click through.

AR bubbles and mirror effect

The AI- and AR-supported solution draws attention to itself via a mirror effect in which it shows an integrated live camera image. Visitors see themselves with virtual speech bubbles next to their heads.

Integrated Pop ups

To increase awareness to important topics, pop ups are displayed at set intervals to provide information about the festival that deserves extra attention. In the future, these pop ups can also be used by sponsors and can be displayed depending on the persona recognized by the AI.


After the event, Smart Guiding provides the analytics about the visitors to get to know more about them and to get to know more about which messages created the most attention.



by augmented reality elements

Dynamic, real-time



Refinancing options via


pop ups


The GREENTECH FESTIVAL is dedicated to future-proof, technological solutions around climate protection and sustainable development and offers a platform to all those who want to exchange and network about it. In order to make on-site wayfinding as climate-friendly as possible and in line with the zero-waste idea, we as a festival are supported by innovative solutions such as those from Sensape. Sensape's digital modules manage to communicate interactively with the users and enable an immediate and low-threshold integration into the festival." Thimo Schwenzfeier, Head of Marketing & PR

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