Shopping of the future: Artificial intelligence determines "your favorite drink" 

August 1, 2020

AR-Worlds individualise the shopping experience and enable target group-specific marketing.

Lillet-Girl or rather Whiskey Cowboy? The Leipzig-based company SENSAPE GmbH has developed the "Phantastic Promoter" to support the shopping experience in retail stores. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the "Phantastic Promoter" recognises gender, age and emotions of a person. Based on these personal characteristics, the Phantastic Promoter currently assigns a suitable drink to each customer in an EDEKA store in Mönchengladbach. In the AR worlds of the trade brands Absolut Vodka, Havana Club, Lillet, Jameson Whiskey and Ramazotti, users can find themselves in a bar designed to match the drink and can take and send photos. In addition, recipes for cocktails and coupons for the particular product can be printed out and used immediately in the market.

In times of widespread mass communication and online shopping, the pressure of the stationary trade to offer customers an individually tailored customer approach is increasing. The local shopping experience is a major advantage of the retail trade. "Especially in times of Covid-19 though, people want to shop without personal contacts if possible. As the first system with persona recognition, our Phantastic Promoter is able to give targeted product recommendations without taking any risks and thus support retail sales," explains SENSAPE Managing Director Matthias Freysoldt. "The interactive character creates an experience with the brand. The measurement of personal characteristics is of course carried out in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO)".

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