Sensape GmbH partners with Swiss marketing agency USP Partner AG

July 13, 2021
Photo: "Interactive customer approach through recognition of external features via artificial intelligence from Sensape." / Photo credit & source: © Sensape

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Interactive brand experiences with AR and AI from Leipzig in Switzerland

Leipzig-based AR company Sensape GmbH partners with Swiss marketing agency USP Partner AG

Augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) offer exciting opportunities for creating interactive and emotional brand experiences that promise high target group involvement due to their interaction possibilities. And thanks to attractive hardware and software solutions that are practically "ready-to-go", such tools can also be implemented with a manageable budget. The Leipzig-based company Sensape, which develops such solutions, has now formed a partnership with one of the leading full-service marketing agencies USP Partner. USP Partner is thus a consulting and sales partner for the Swiss market for the innovative Sensape hardware/software solutions with AR and AI.

Interactive brand experiences at the POS, at trade fairs & events and Out of Home (OOH)

If the computer can suddenly see and understand, this enables a completely new form of intelligent and interactive customer approach. The artificial intelligence developed by Sensape itself puts brands in the spotlight, advises customers and promotes sales thanks to personalised recommendations. The AI solution recognises characteristics such as size, gender, attention or even products in real time and reacts accordingly depending on the person and situation. Through targeted addressing and personal purchase incentives, the solutions create a particularly high-impact customer activation: whether it's a digital promoter that makes person-specific product recommendations at the POS in retail and then provides the right voucher incl. EAN code for the scanner checkout, or the Photobox with touch or even gesture control, to the Digital Sampler with intelligent consumer address, with which fully automated and AR-supported promotions and samplings at the point of interest (POI) are possible - all solutions are optimally suited for interactive brand experiences with a customised AR world and playful communication of brand messages. The "ready-to-go" solutions are also configured and ready for use particularly quickly - and this almost everywhere: in retail, at trade fairs & events and out of home.  

Collected user data and the measurement of KPIs provide interesting conclusions about the success of implemented activities and the target group; at the same time, they also form the basis for ongoing optimisation of market development. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the Sensape Recognition Box (SRB) is the heart of the systems. The SRB can also be combined with existing hardware or fully integrated into existing point-of-sale environments.

Sensape has now entered into a partnership with the marketing agency USP Partner, which is thus a consulting and sales partner for the Swiss market for the innovative hardware/software solutions with AR and AI.  

SENSAPE GmbH, headquartered in Leipzig, develops and markets products for interactive and intelligent customer contact. Founded in 2015, the company currently employs 25 people. Its customers include Deutsche Bahn, Rittersport, Oreo, Haufe Lexware, Commerzbank, Porsche and over 300 other medium-sized companies and corporations. With customer installations in more than 30 countries, including the USA, China, Japan, Italy, Spain and Dubai, SENSAPE GmbH reaffirms its international expertise and drive for expansion.
Press contact:
Michael Lehnert,, +49 (0)157 923 601 83
Contact for queries at USP Partner AG:
Dominik Nyffenegger, CEO & Partner,, +41 43 388 30 88

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