How a post-lockdown ordering system supports the gastronomy sector

June 3, 2021
Many gastronomy operators are currently facing some problems. Digital solutions such as ordering systems can take a lot of the pressure off and make operations run more smoothly. 
Foto: "Simply order via smartphone as well as reorder and never miss an order with the digital ordering system Sensape Q&O without app." / Fotocredit & Quelle: © Sensape

Digital support for the gastronomy sector

How a post-lockdown ordering system relieves staff, increases sales, and supports the hygiene concept

Many gastronomy operators are currently facing some problems. Not only the revenue but also the staff is slowly lacking. With many service staff looking for other job opportunities during the pandemic, many gastronomy businesses are left with undersized or inexperienced staff before reopening. Digital solutions such as ordering systems can take a lot of the pressure off and make operations run more smoothly. 

The current challenges facing the restaurant industry

After several lockdowns, many catering businesses are left with fewer staff than before and still want to offer good service. However, there is also high uncertainty about when to reopen. To operate, staff must know the procedures well and possibly serve guests in multiple languages. On top of all this, there is the creation of and adherence to a well thought-out hygiene concept, including contact details. 

Digital solution approach

With our Sensape Q&O solution for the gastronomy industry, we address these exact problems. We have developed a digital ordering system that is quick and easy to use and works without installing an app. 

Guests can scan a QR code with their smartphone directly at the table and send their order to the kitchen themselves. Digital ordering simplifies processes, reduces staff workload and guarantees that no orders are missed. Sensape Q&O's user interface is easily accessible and multilingual, so guests of any nationality can easily view the menu and place their order. The kitchen gets an overview of the orders in real-time and can thus optimize processes very well. 

If there is no table available, there is an option at the entrance to reserve an appointment and join a virtual queue. If a table then becomes available, a notification is sent, and the waiting time can be spent at the location of choice until then. 

Last but not least, compliance with a hygiene concept is essential. Our solution supports this with digital, data protection-compliant contact data records during the ordering and avoids queuing and excessive contact between service staff and guests. 

Interested? Try it out directly in your browser here.

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