Personalized advertising in the futuristic city center in Ecuador

January 11, 2021
How digitization can improve a pedestrian zone is being tested in Guayaquil City in Ecuador. For a so-called Smart Totem to provide urban zones such as parks, event locations, and any place with a high volume of visitors with intelligent connection points with interactive entertainment and advertisement, the firm Konectado worked together with Sensape.
Photo: "6 to 15 meter high Smart Totem in a pedestrian zone in Ecuador." / Photo credit & Source: © Konectado

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Konectado uses artificial intelligence from the German company SENSAPE GmbH in digital urban furniture.

In times of online shopping, stationary retail is losing popularity. How digitization can improve a pedestrian zone is being tested in Guayaquil City in Ecuador. A nationwide wi-fi network for city centers, charging stations for mobile devices, and an integrated bench will be combined in a so-called Smart Totem to provide urban zones such as parks, event locations, and any place with a high volume of visitors with intelligent connection points. To display targeted advertising on interactive screens and create additional benefits and fun factors through a gaming effect, the company is now cooperating with the Leipzig-based company SENSAPE GmbH. SENSAPE produces intelligent digital signage systems based on artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies. The Smart Totem uses the SENSAPE Recognition Box, which can recognize the age, gender, and emotions of passers-by so that relevant advertising is shown in real-time. Besides, SENSAPE's technology "Phantagram", a photo world with AR elements such as hats or sunglasses, is used. Pedestrians can use gestures to select individual components and take pictures of themselves in the city center.

"We think that our technology perfectly fits into the Smart Totem and are excited about the cooperation. We are pursuing the goal of supporting stationary retail with our intelligent solutions. The Smart Totem will make the city center more attractive and modern and will individualize advertising. This way, companies reach their desired target group, and passers-by only see advertising relevant to them. With the photo function, additional memories are created," says SENSAPE Managing Director Matthias Freysoldt. The Smart Totems are also intended to strengthen digitization acceptance and will initially be tested in a constellation of three totems in a small zone. Konectado describes the 6 to 15 meter high installations as furniture for urban zones, which are individually designed and thus serve as eye-catchers, charging stations and rest areas.

SENSAPE GmbH, based in Leipzig, Germany, develops and distributes products for interactive and intelligent customer communication. Founded in 2015, the company currently has 22 employees. Customers include FC Bayern München, Deutsche Bahn, Rittersport, Oreo, L'Oréal, Haufe Lexware, Commerzbank, Porsche, and over 300 other medium-sized companies and groups. With customer installations in more than 30 countries, including the USA, China, Japan, Italy, Spain, Chile, Ecuador, and Dubai, SENSAPE GmbH confirms its international competence and the drive for expansion.
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