The unique eye-catcher at your booth

June 29, 2022
How augmented reality creates the perfect eye-catcher at trade show booths.
Foto: Markus Altmann

Generating attention at the trade fair stand

It's finally here again - the trade fair season has been in full flow since this spring! And everyone wants the same thing: to attract as many visitors as possible to their own booth. However, it is often not that easy to stand out from other stands during a trade fair. Humans are visual creatures, absorbing 80% of all information through the eye. That's why it's important to have an eye-catcher at your booth.

That special something for the trade fair stand

An eye-catcher at the trade fair stand should draw visitors, attract their attention and, above all, do one thing: be fun. The absolute eye-catcher with novelty bonus is Augmented Reality, AR for short.

Augmented Reality at the booth

Short and sweet. This is what the Augmented Reality solution can do:

  • Individual design in corporate design
  • Power on and go!
  • AR generates 10x more attention than traditional advertising media.
  • Only positive reactions → 50% measurably positive.
  • Up to 70% of all visitors interact with AR solutions.
  • Up to 78% of visitors take and share a selfie.
  • Conversation opener: up to 45% of these visitors seek consultation afterwards.

And this is how it works

Attract attention

Most people can't just walk by our AR-based solutions without looking. How do we do that? In selective perception, we humans always detect our reflection even in a busy environment and become attentive. We call this effect the Mirror Effect and take advantage of it by showing a live camera stream on our interactive displays in which people walking by discover themselves. If funny AR elements are then added, for example by adding a few accessories to the face, looking becomes staying in no time at all.

Nevertheless, we are going a bit further. For the past seven years, we've been developing an artificial intelligence, or AI for short, that recognizes the age, gender and much more on people in front of the camera in real time. This enables us to display AR content and even sound to match the recognized target group. (By the way, anyone who is now worried about data protection doesn't need to be 🤓. We've already thought about this for you in advance and put all concerns out of the way).

Start conversations

Mirror effect, targeted approach and augmented reality not only invite potential customers to come closer and thus interact, but are also a perfect basis for a conversation opener. With AR elements entirely suited to your brand or product, you get a perfect transition to start a conversation about you. It's perfect for your trade show booth, supports your team on-site, and is also just plain fun!

Have fun

At the booths of our customers and also at our own we experience it again and again: smiling faces. AR is the eye-catcher at the booth that triggers emotions in visitors. Fun, by the way, is also a factor that plays no small role in positive image building. So it's a win-win situation!

Generate leads

Up to 78% of visitors who interact with our solutions take and share a photo. One of the ways the photo is shared is via email. In the process of sending the photo, visitors also have the option to subscribe to your newsletter, for example, or to agree to a contact data storage. Winning leads is easy here. If you choose our Phantastic Photobox as a team member for your booth, visitors can even take the photo home with them as a print-out in your design.

Stay in memory

No matter if B2C or B2B. At home or in the office, the printed photos often end up on the refrigerator of your visitors, or so we have been told. How often have we heard at our own booth that visitors even still have the photo from their last visit at home!

Visitor analysis

Of course, the exhibition season means having fun and meeting old contacts again. But what about the new contacts and who was actually at your stand? You can easily analyze this afterwards with our tool Senscloud.

What can my AR booth look like?

You want to attract more attention to your booth, create interactions and address your visitors in just the right way, but are still a bit overwhelmed with the big topic of augmented reality and artificial intelligence at your booth? There are few limits to the possibilities here, so why not arrange a short call with us! With AR and live communication as our hobbyhorse, we will show you without obligation what we can implement for your brand. Best of all, our systems are ReadyToGo - so once we have everything you need, you'll be up and running in no time. All you need on site is electricity and an internet connection.

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