Target group research with artificial intelligence at the POS

August 2, 2021
How to get to know your target group better with augmented reality and artificial intelligence at the point of sale.

Target group research with artificial intelligence at the POS
How to get to know your target group better with augmented reality and artificial intelligence at the point of sale.

Why it is important to know your target group
For a marketing strategy to be successful, it relies on content that meets the needs of its target group. To do this, the target group to whom the content should be directed should be known in advance. Using various characteristics ranging from preferences to exact buying behaviour, you can narrow down your target group.
If a campaign is running, it will be shown to many people. Possibly even those who do not belong to the target group at all. Although increased reach is a common marketing goal, it is best to reach the right group of people. The better the target group is known, the more targeted the content can be, reaching the right people and achieving higher-level goals such as increasing sales.

Target group research with artificial intelligence
If the target group is to be researched even more precisely and their behaviour with the content is to be examined, artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play. In a privacy-compliant yet accurate manner, it checks the match with the previously defined target group and analyses which content works particularly well. Sensape has developed an AI that can recognise target groups learned via camera and then display suitable content to them.
The recognition works via external characteristics such as gender, age and emotions. For children, the age is calculated based on a size cluster. The technology behind it has been shown so much data and photos that it can match the person in front of it with them in real time. A camera collects data on the length of time the person spends in the room and the course of their emotions. Click paths, interactions and the reaction to purchase incentives can also be analysed via an interactive display that attracts attention with augmented reality (AR).

With the help of AI, the target group and the effectiveness of the content can be checked. In addition, the target group can be got to know even better. When do they come to the POS? How do they interact with the content? What is their mood at the POS? When does which age group come?
A/B also becomes possible directly at the POS without creating a deliberate test environment. The result is unbiased data coming directly from the point of use and important insights for the campaign as well as motifs that can later generate higher attention in OOH or social media.

Application example: Persona recognition at the POS for Pernod Ricard

The beverage manufacturer Pernod Ricard used our technology at the POS in a supermarket to provide targeted purchase incentives for 5 different target groups. Via camera, data about the target group and their interactions could be collected. This made it possible to determine which target group printed out a coupon for which drink.
Learn more about the project→

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