Rivella digitizes traditional sampling with augmented reality (AR) solution.

March 5, 2021

Prove your thirst - Rivella uses an augmented reality game at valley stations in Swiss ski resorts since the end of February to distribute product samples without personal contact during a marketing campaign.

Under the motto "At home in the snow," German AR specialist Sensape has developed a new way of addressing customers for the Swiss company Rivella. The project makes a contactless product sampling campaign possible without additional personnel in Swiss ski resorts and consists of an interactive AR game with a coupled beverage vending machine. Skiers can prove their skill in the game since the end of February and automatically receive a Rivella as a reward. Since the installation doesn't require any personnel, costs can be reduced and the brand values can still be communicated in a playful way, which is also a unique opportunity in the current situation. The campaign takes place in the Swiss winter sports resorts of Nendaz, Adelboden, Flumserberg, Lenk and Arosa since the end of February 2021.

The game is a virtual drinking contest in which Rivella bottles shown on a large display have to be emptied. This works by recognizing the people in front of the device, which places a virtual straw at mouth level. When the game begins, the bottles move and concentration is required to keep the mouth on the straw via head movement to empty the bottle. "Our artificial intelligence recognizes the number, movements and also the size of the players, making contactless playing possible. Up to five people can play at the same time. To protect the data of third parties, it also recognizes who isn't part of the group and makes these people unrecognizable by blurring the background," Matthias Freysoldt of Sensape says. The company specializes in digitizing marketing campaigns, making them more interactive and special, he adds. When the game of the Rivella campaign is finished, the connected vending machine automatically dispenses Rivella bottles for all players in the group and prints a coupon. By scanning a QR code on the coupon, a photo taken during the game can also be viewed on a smartphone and shared with friends. In addition, an extra Rivella bottle can be triggered from the vending machine. "Since the product distribution doesn't require any staff at all and is still interactive, we see our solution as a very good approach for other events, not only in pandemic times," adds Freysoldt. Due to the pandemic, the campaign started with a delay at the end of February 2021 in the areas of Nendaz, Adelboden, Flumserberg, Lenk and Arosa.

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