World's first Twinner Station relies on AR and AI-based solutions from Sensape

May 20, 2022
World's first Twinner Station opens in Berlin and relies on artificial intelligence and augmented reality in its integrated showroom.
Photo: Interactive 360° scan at the Twinner Station Berlin. (Photo: Patrick Meinhold)
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World's first Twinner Station opens in Berlin and relies on artificial intelligence and augmented reality in its integrated showroom.

Vehicle digitizer Twinner is relying on AR- and AI-based solutions from Leipzig-based agency Sensape for its world's first Twinner Station in Berlin.

Just last year, Twinner, founded in 2017, convinced new investors of its innovative concept. Twinner scans vehicles and creates digital 360° twins of them to detect, among other things, damage that is invisible to the human eye. On May 19, the world's first Twinner station opened in Berlin, which is now open to the public. Twinner cooperated with Leipzig-based AR and AI agency Sensape to provide interactive content to educate people about the technology, functionality and product.

The online trade in used vehicles has grown in importance. For a very good valuation from a distance, Twinner offers an innovative 360° scan, which customers can from now on also have created in the Twinner Station Berlin. They then receive the quantitative assessment in their own profile and can link it directly to online sales platforms such as AutoScout24 via an interface. "Our Twinner technology is unique. That's why we were looking for a provider who could convey this uniqueness in the best way and we are very happy with the result delivered by Sensape. Our customers can gain more insights on interactive screens and experience all elements of the new way of selling cars online in the best possible way," said Saskia Richter, Manager of Marketing and Strategy at Twinner.

To make the concept all-around digital, the store uses technology from Leipzig-based agency Sensape. Customers are informed and guided through the experience on three interactive screens. Even before entering the store, they can learn more about the scan, in the future even via artificial intelligence. "In the store window, we will work with our so-called Mirror Effect, which attracts the attention of customers via the mirror image. The integrated camera and artificial intelligence recognizes people in front of it as well as their movements and can react accordingly, or be controlled by it in the next development step. In the store, customers can then interact in this way with the sample scan of a show car while they wait," says Michael Lehnert of Sensape, who is overseeing the collaboration. Anyone who wants to have their car scanned must book an appointment in advance. Customers are placed in a virtual queue by the team on site, notified of remaining queuing time and completion, and also provided by Sensape.  

SENSAPE GmbH, based in Leipzig, Germany, develops and markets products for interactive and intelligent customer engagement. Founded in 2015, the company currently employs 25 people. Customers include FC Bayern München, Paris Saint-Germain, KTM Racing, Deutsche Bahn, Rittersport, Oreo, L'Oréal, Haufe Lexware, Commerzbank, Porsche, RTL and over 300 other medium-sized companies and corporations. With customer installations in more than 30 countries, among them the USA, Great Britain, France, China, Japan, Italy, Spain, Chile, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, the SENSAPE GmbH confirms its international authority and the urge to the expansion.
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Hanna Schubert,, +49 (0)1579-23 60 18 4

About Twinner:
Founded in 2017, Twinner® is on a mission to revolutionize the automotive industry. Twinner®'s technology makes it possible to create digital images of vehicles, eliminating the need to view vehicles in person at specific times in specific locations. In this way, the company brings transparency, security and trust to one of the largest sales markets in the world. Twinner® extracts an incomparably large data set from each vehicle, which is used to create a Digital Twinn®, or "digital twin," that allows customers to virtually see more than if they were standing in front of the vehicle themselves. The start-up company from Halle has a team of more than 100 experts, all of whom have a great deal of experience in the automotive and start-up sectors as well as innovation sectors.

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