Safe entering of the Leipzig Central Library

by a digital access system with mask recognition and customer counting.
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Manage customer flows easily despite the pandemic
To protect visitors and staff as well as to comply with hygiene regulations, the Leipzig Central Library has been using the Digital Admission Management System with automatic recognition of mouth and nose protection and capacity measurement since May 2020.

Count customers per m²

The hygiene regulations specify how many people are allowed to be in an area per m². These specifications are to be monitored digitally without the need for additional personnel.

Comply with hygiene regulations

In addition, disinfectant should be used at the entrance and mouth and nose protectors must be worn correctly. This should be pointed out to visitors visually and acoustically.

Protect visitors and staff

The measure is intended to avoid contact in queues at the entrance and create distance between customers as well as staff to significantly reduce the risk of infection during the pandemic

Raise awareness

The hygienic regulations and their observance should be communicated in a friendly manner. Awareness of the regulations should be increased.
Customer access management system with automatic face mask recognition and capacity management.
the solution
Digital access management system with mask recognition
Customer access management system with automatic face mask recognition and capacity management.

Capacity measurement

Our sensor counts visitors entering or leaving the  facility with a measurement accuracy of 99%. The large display of the stele  shows the capacity in real time and turns red when the limit is reached.

Mirror effect for more attention

Seeing oneself increases attention. Reading AR information on hygiene rules and measuring distances between people directly in the mirror image improves awareness of hygiene rules. That's why we rely on a mirror effect on a large 42" display in our system.

Intelligent mask recognition

To remind people to wear a mouth-nose mask correctly, our artificial intelligence detects whether someone is wearing a mask incorrectly or not at all. In that case, the system gives the person a virtual AR mask to demonstrate the correct fit.

Visual and acoustic cues

In addition to the AR mask and traffic light color system, the system also includes audible instructions or a friendly "Thank you for wearing your mask correctly.".

Automatic mask recognition

Automatische Maskenerkennung am Eingang.

Customer counting

“... the device is ready and running and we are thrilled! Tomorrow we will open and for sure everything will work fine. The opening can come.”
- Heike Scholl, Head of Communication at Leipzig Central Library.

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