Dynamic festival agenda by AR
for a smart visitor guiding at the Future Of Festivals in Berlin.
Dynamic visualisation of the programme
Future of Festivals is the biggest meeting of the festival and live sector. To give their visitors an interactive experience at their venue and to show new digital ways of guiding, we worked together and enhanced our smart guiding solution.

Entertain while informing

Dry information about the events as well as the floor plan should be fun, create interest and be presented in an innovative way.

Make the timetable more interactive

The visitors of the Future Of Festivals fair should be able to intuitively explore the programme and interact with the real-time information.

Dynamic floor plan

Future Of Festivals wanted their stages, halls and the programme dynamically shown together on one screen. The agenda should be automatically displayed in real-time and change according to the stage selected by the visitors.

Create attention

The interactive solution should draw visitor’s attention directly by entering or seeing the device. They should be curious about the content.
THE Solution
Dynamic floor plan and timetable via AR
FOF Interactive Guiding for events

Attention by AR bubbles

In a crowded place, what are you likely to see? Your own reflection. We use our Mirror Effect to draw attention to the device at the well-attended Future Of festivals as well. Additionally, gender-specific AR speech bubbles make visitors curious for more.

Infotainment experience

Making more out of the information. We solved that with interactive navigation and the fun AR speech bubbles above the user's heads. Visitors can easily navigate themselves to find the most interesting programme points for them.

Interaction by touch

To navigate through the dynamic content, the user interface works with touch control. When visitors select a stage on the site plan, the current timetable is automatically displayed. Items of the program can be clicked individually to get more information. 

Dynamic display in real-time

The Future Of Festivals program took place on 3 stages. In total, there were 5 devices in the arena to offer visitors several points of contact. The program was shown dynamically in real time on the promoters.

Attention by mirror effect


Dynamic, real-time display


Multi lingual

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