Oreo boosts its revenue by 1000%
by using Augmented Reality at the point of sale.
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Increase sales at the POS
Cookie manufacturer Oreo automates its point-of-sale promotion and gains sustainable sales increases through interactive AR-Wonderfilled-worlds, recipes and couponing.

Automated promotion

To digitally support a promotional campaign, Oreo wanted a promotional process with augmented reality in supermarkets at the point of sale.

Display Oreo recipes

One of the campaign's goals was to make consumers aware of delicious Oreo recipes. The recipes be taken home directly at the point of sale.

Increase sales figures

In addition, sales in the supermarket should be increased. Since the probability of purchase increases as soon as a product is picked up, this should be done through interaction with the products.

Analysis of buyer's behaviour

To get to know the target group even better and learn more about their buying behavior, Oreo wanted to find out if there is more interest in recipes, coupons or the product.
Blue Virtual Promoter showing two smiling persons with astronaut helmets on. Oreo cookies and rockets are printed on the device.
The solution
AR brand world with recipe finder

Mirror effect

Our interactive stele with mirror effect recognizes customers as they walk by and fades in branded speech bubbles above their heads for more attention. When customers stop, the app prompts them to pick up an Oreo pack.

Product recognition and reacting

The app recognizes the Oreo pack in the customer's hand and reacts to it with the appropriate AR world. In addition, recipe suggestions are displayed, which can then be printed out together with a coupon.

Printed purchase incentives and recipes

A purchase incentive and further information on private labels and products are printed on the coupon with prescription. The interactive contact with the brand significantly increases the likelihood of purchase.

Interactive AR world

An Oreo-Wonderfilled-AR-World? In the AR world, customers see themselves with face elements and speech bubbles. Whether it's a recipe, a selfie or a coupon - they can decide for themselves what they want to do in the menu.
Measureable results

Automatic product recognion

Oreo USP Promotor based in AR

Surprise effect: live AR-experience in the Oreo-world

Oreo USP Promotor based in AR

Printed purchase incentives

Oreo USP Promotor based in AR
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