Sensape Health Device

Contactless, interactive information & education stand

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Augmented Reality

With the help of Augmented Reality, instructions such as safety distances, rules of conduct for sneezing & coughing or instructions for the correct use of masks can be visualized directly on the person.

Contactless Interaction

To prevent infection foci, we also rely on gesture control when an interaction is necessary.

Playful Training

Convey new behaviors in a playful way for better reception and memory.

General Information

Provide information on general recommendations and instructions from official authorities and institutes during the pandemic.

Individual Company Updates

Depending on the prevention requirements at the respective location, individual measures can be presented digitally.

Data & Statistics

Get an idea of the impression and usage rate of your measure, including a breakdown by age and gender. This data can help to prove the obligation to provide company information.

Latest News

Inform about news reports and other current topics.

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