Sensape Q

Avoid queues

Enable your customers to visit you safely & efficiently and minimize the risk of infection. With Sensape Q - the virtual queue.
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Comfortable and safe.
The virtual queue

Without an App. On all devices.

Via QR or NFC your customers get a place in the digital queue. Without any app download!

Display of the waiting time in real-time

After registration, each customer receives a waiting number and the approximate waiting time. The personal status can be viewed at any time from the smartphone via a link.

Ready 2 go + Easy 2 install

Sensape Q is designed with a strong focus on simplicity. You do not need any extra hardware. Just print out the QR Code, and you are ready to go.

Reliable check-in

As soon as a spot becomes available in your store, the next customer receives a notification and can check-in directly with the service staff or the customer traffic light using the code contained in the notification.

Contact tracking

Digital contact tracking makes handwritten lists obsolete and saves valuable time.

For everyone

People without a smartphone can be provided with a pager.

Sensape Q

Many advantages
for employees and customers

While your customers can comfortably stroll through the city until their visit, the admin mode allows your employees to keep track. This way Sensape Q can minimize the stress level and the risk of infection to all parties.
Smartphone shows an admin view of a virtual queuing system.
Tablet showing virtual queue appointment booking for a bike store

Individual planning of visiting time

With the integrated appointment service's help, customers can set the desired time for their visit and secure a spot comfortably from a distance.

Bell Glocke

Push notifications via SMS

Via SMS customers are informed in real-time about their status and when it is their turn.


Linking of several stores

If several stores are linked, the customer can receive the most efficient route with the least waiting times.


Customizable user interface

Place targeted product recommendations on the user interface and inform your customers about special offers.

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Live and free

Take the opportunity and convince yourself of Sensape Q. Intuitively and directly in your browser.

Open Sensape Q

Relief your staff with the
digital access management system

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Customer counter

When entering and leaving the salesroom

Face mask recognition

Face mask recognition and check for correct fit

Visual and acoustic indications

If the recommendations are not followed

Hygiene recommendations

Visual references to general rules of conduct

Product recommendations & offers

Display of up to 10 banners for advertising

Data collection

Statistics on gender, age, attention of customers


Individual hardware foiling possible

Personalized experience

Personalized greeting and self-check-in with Sensape Q

Customer access management system with automatic face mask recognition and capacity management.

Stay safe despite the pandemic
with Sensape Q


+ Virtual queue including waiting time
+ Customer and administration interface
+ Sending SMS notifications via your phone
+ Browser-based, no app necessary


+ All starter functions
+ Whitelabel user interface
+ Automatic push notification
+ Extensive admin interface
+ Open, pause and close the queue
+ Booking of periods or dates