Sensape Somnia

The Augmented Reality Solution for Retailers.

A whole new world of shopping

In the age of digitalization retailers are facing disruptive change.

Measurable Results


Increase in store dwell time


Sessions per day

46 sec

Average session length

Enliven your store

Enchant your customers

Use the power of Augmented Reality to tell unique stories that showcase your customers as the stars of your brand.

Digitalize your store

Somnia’s intelligent sensors and 65“ touchscreen bridge the gap between the physical and digital world of your brand.

Go Social

Boost your social media presence with Somnia’s integrated Social Sharing feature for photos and GIFs.

Digitalize your store!

And turn it into an interactive experience.

But there is more


Micro-target your communications to approach customers more effectively using Somnia's smart recognition software.

Customer Insights

Learn all about your customers’ desires. Somnia analyzes every interaction based on age, gender and individual session data.

Lead Generation

Collect valuable email adresses for newsletter subscriptions and reward customers with coupon codes right at the POS.

Omnichannel Marketing

Tell a consistent story across all channels. Somnia bridges the gap between the physical and digital world of your brand.

Ready for the future of shopping?

Interactive. Easy. Personal.