Augmented wine tasting at home

enhanced by AR animations in a card game.
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Turning wine tasting into an AR experience

Barceloneta, a wine and tapas bar in Dresden, Germany, wanted to offer their guests to not only come there for a professional wine tasting but to simply have one at home. Therefore, we developed an interactive card game with AR elements to teach the basics of the art of wine.

Creating a fun event - at home

Making the wine tasting at home still professional and especially fun was one core goal of Barceloneta. As customers desire extraordinary experiences, the customers of Barceloneta should have one at home.

Interaction despite digital solution

The solution should be digital without only consisting of videos and text. Barceloneta wanted to provide its customers with a fun and interactive experience.

AR at home

The solution should have innovative augmented reality features so the experience could be more immersive for the customers.


To make the wine tasting more interesting, the Barceloneta wanted to create a game where players take a journey through all the chapters of a tasting in a fun way.
The solution

Interactive card game with AR elements

Interactive game structure

To lead the customers through the wine tasting at home, our solution comes as an interactive card game that is built like a puzzle the customers have to complete to experience the journey of a wine tasting.

Vivid AR elements

The game cards are scannable with a phone or tablet camera and release a vivid AR world with moving elements and animations for customers to really experience techniques or lessons of the wine tasting.

Video messages

To not let the customers alone with the wine tasting, in short videos experts explain important parts of the wine tasting process and give interesting side notes to the game.

Unique takeaway

The game ends in a tasting circle that can be repeated as often as desired. Guests can also play the game again to further improve their knowledge skills. The specially designed cards can be stored for playing again.






digital and analog worlds

Quiz and


learning effect


Give your customers an unforgettable experience at their homes.

We look forward to answering all your questions for your own AR wine tasting.
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