Visualize interactive agendas at trade fairs

through AR for intelligent wayfinding at the Best of Events (BoE) in Dortmund.
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Visualize agendas dynamically

The BOE is a trade fair for experience marketing and takes place annually at the Messe Dortmund. After a long lasting partnership and the annual use of our informative Phantastic Screen, for the event BOE connect LIVE in 2022 it should be an interactive AR promoter with interactive guiding over the whole fair to present the event information even more innovative.

Entertaining event information

The BOE wanted to present location or time schedules in the most interactive and innovative way possible to make even the event information entertaining.

Enabling dynamic content

The solution needed to do more with the show day information and different stages. Visitors should be able to interact with the information and use the intuitively. The agenda should flexibly adapt to the day, time and stage.

Spread positive emotions

In addition to an informative character, the solution should also be entertaining to spread positive mood and enable faster orientation through AR elements matching the stage.

Increase reach

In addition, Messe Dortmund wanted to increase its reach via user-generated content on social networks, which was to be created through photos.
The solution

Filling information with digital life

Interactive visualization

On an interactive AR Promoter with a 42" touch display, all schedules and locations of the upper forum areas of the fair were visualized. By touch it is possible to switch dynamically between the schedules.

Smart Guiding

To simplify orientation and make visitors curious about the different stages, they are provided with AR elements matching the selected stage. Visitors can navigate to their destination via an interactive map and compile their events with a dynamic agenda.

AR elements in BOE design

In addition, trade fair visitors are given the opportunity to take a selfie with 3D face elements matching the respective stage in the BOE design and view it on a microsite on their smartphone. The branded microsite also offers the possibility to sign up for the newsletter.

Shareable with friends

The intuitive photo function and microsite offer the option to share the photo directly with friends or on social networks. This additionally increases the reach through user-generated content.

Mirror effect for attention


Interactive information




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