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Emotionalizing the new product

Westlotto launched a new campaign for the Eurojackpot lottery, giving customers a glimpse of what it might be like to win. The campaign was designed to draw more attention to Eurojackpot and immerse customers in an AR world. The campaign was a real eye-catcher for 7 weeks in 40 retail outlets in Germany.

Flexible solution für tour

40 lotto retail outlets in Germany were to be served within 7 weeks. This called for a flexible solution that could handle the entire tour.

Create awareness for new product

The campaign was to revolve entirely around the new Eurojackpot product and get customers excited about it.

Immerse customers

The solution should take customers out of their everyday environment and emotionally beam them into a future scenario that could come to pass if you win.

Create shareable moments

The goal was to create a memory or give away that customers would take home and share on social media.
The solution

Immersive experience by background extraction

Becoming the face of the campaign of Eurojackpot by intelligent background segmentation.

Creating an eyecatcher

The solution was catching the attention of people passing by or entering the shop by the mirror effect wherein they saw themselves in a different environment.

Immersive experience

The solution functioned by using an AI to exchange the background of the users to immerse them in a brand themed scenario. Like that, they became the main character of the 3 well known campaign posters.

Give away

Finally, users could take a picture of the campaign cover with their face in it, print it out and take it home.

User generated content

Via email, users could directly download and share the memory with their friends or on soial media.



background segmentation

Customer as


main campaign character



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