Rivella distributes product samples without staff at swiss train stations

by using an interactive AR activation integrated in a vending machine.
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Contactless but interactive & fun product sampling

"You're so sweet, even the sugar loses its job!" Around Rivella Refresh, a version with 40% less sugar than Rivella Red, beverage manufacturer Rivella launched another contactless sampling campaign with us via augmented reality. This time, the solution is louder, bolder, but no less interactive and is being used at Swiss train stations.

Contactless Sampling

To distribute product samples without contacting promoters during pandemic times, Rivella wanted its new campaign to be digital and contactless.

Brand awareness

The campaign needed to increase brand reach and awareness and revolve entirely around Rivella Refresh, the sparkling light version with 40% less sugar than Rivella Red.

Gesture control

Rivella wanted a contactless control where an active movement should be made for the free drink.

Interactive brand experience

Despite contactless sampling, the promotion should be interactive and meaningfully complement mass communication with a personal approach.
The solution

Contactless product sampling powered by AR

AR activation 2in1

Our solution is an activation through AR, where the arms have to be raised until a virtual Rivella fills up to get a free drink. To make our hardware even more portable, we integrated the AR display into the vending machine for the first time.


The solution attracts attention through the classic mirror effect and also through an individual audio address via speakers. Our artificial intelligence distinguishes between female and male persons as well as groups and has the appropriate line ready.

Gesture control and recognition

The individual approach is made possible by the recognition software, which recognises when people walk past the machine or stop. It speaks to them, asks them to raise both arms and then checks the gesture.

Automated product sampling

If the correct gesture is made, the artificial intelligence automatically dispenses free drinks for up to five people at a time from the integrated vending machine.



on many levels

Quick touchless sampling by


gesture control



standalone solution


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