Racing like the pros at the Saudi Toyota Championship

thanks to an interactive AR solution, even in the desert.
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Creating a both fun and informational extra at the Saudi Toyota Championship

Have you ever wondered if Sensape promoters can work their wonders in the desert? For Toyota Gazoo Racing, our solution traveled around the world to Saudi Arabia to inspire visitors to the Saudi Toyota Championship. For the first time, we implemented 4 apps in one solution, including a tricky racing game and our famous Sensape Allstars, where visitors can capture their personal fan experience with the team's star drivers on a photo.

Creating an interaction with the drivers

Toyota wanted to offer visitors to the Saudi Toyota Championship a very exclusive experience. This was to include the opportunity to meet the drivers virtually

Providing extra fun AND information

Fun is part of a good brand experience - for sure. But information for the visitor must not be neglected either. Toyota wanted an interactive solution that could do both. Interactive infotainment, so to speak.

Giving visitors a memory

An outstanding, exciting event must be remembered. So Toyota wanted a solution that would give visitors a long-lasting memory to take home with them.

Creating User-generated content

Of course, this memory should not be kept to oneself. The solution should provide the memory in such a way that it can be easily shared with friends and on social media.
The solution

Interactive 4in1 AR-based solution

Interactive fan experience

Discovering the latest Toyota cars, following the exciting race... All this could be experienced by visitors. But meeting the star drivers virtually - only Sensape Allstars can do that. Visitors could virtually pose for a photo with the drivers and thus create a special experience.

Tricky racing game

Who doesn't want to try their hand at racing? No problem with an integrated racing game. Using gesture control, players could put their skills to the test and navigate a tricky race track. We can only say that some high scores were set and cracked!

A solution that lasts

Visitors had a lot of fun playing, reading and taking photos for a long memory of the experience. A solution for the whole family.

Easily shareable content via microsite

The taken photos could easily and happily be shared on social media via an interactive microsite. Users simply scanned the QR code provided and were good to go live by a click of a button!

4 apps


in one device




Easily shared


user-generated content


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