Generating merchandise sales and newsletter subscriptions
by creating a customer magnet with a virtual selfie at the POS.
Turning fans into subscribers and boost merchandising sales
Football club Paris Saint-Germain wanted to create a fan magnet for their stores worldwide. We started the project at the new concept store in Paris to provide a unique experience of meeting the players virtually and taking a selfie, and thus creating a customer magnet generating more traffic and sales on site.
PSG Photo All Stars

Generating traffic to the concept store

To increase the store visits, PSG wanted to create one more reason to come to the store. The solution should be innovative and a customer magnet.

Increase newsletter subscriptions

To further connect with fans, the solution should increase newsletter signups in addition to the fun factor.

Increase sales numbers

In the store as well as online, the the visibilty of merchandise should be bigger by the solution and grow sales numbers.

Include all fans

As the club itself, the solution must be inclusive for all fans from all countries despite of body height or disabilities as well as languages spoken. 
the solution
Integrated newsletter subscription and merchandise sale
PSG Sensape All Stars player selection
PSG All Stars pose with the star AR AI

Bringing the stars to the store virtually

The Sensape Allstars solution brings the stars of PSG to the store virtually and enables personal and realistically looking fan photos anytime. Fans can select up to three players to pose with. 

Integrating subscription in the process

In the process of receiving their photo to download or share on social media, fans can subscribe to the clubs newsletter and be up to date with the club’s news.

Interactive multipurpose microsite

For even more added value, we designed a multipurpose microsite, where fans can download the photo and in the future browse through general club merchandise or products matching the selected players.

Flexible , multilingual menu and player position

The menu of choosing the players for the photo can be moved down for persons in a wheelchair, kids or people of a smaller height. Also the menu language can be selected for a smoother experience.

AI-based content keying

Background segmentation All Stars

Recognition and automatic photo

Foto Mechanismus

Statistics about the target group

Senscloud Analytics AR AI

One content for all distributions

PSG Mobile web AR
Turn every fan into a subscriber!
Let's make your fan engagement even more immersive and monetize it with an AR project!
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